AI + Browser Automation: The Ultimate AI Campaign Tool

Elevate your LinkedIn lead generation with our AI-driven workflow. Seamlessly automate finding leads, connecting and following up on LinkedIn with AI campaign.


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Windows 10/11/12 - 64 bits



How it works?

Can AI find me the right leads? Absolutely YES!


AI-Powered LinkedIn Lead Discovery

AI dynamically scans job posts, extracting keywords, and executes precise LinkedIn searches, presenting you with top leads effortlessly.


Intelligent Lead Profiling and Matching

Import leads from LinkedIn and further filter and rank them to connect only to the most relevant leads.


Connection Automation

Engage leads through LinkedIn using Connection Requests, Messages or InMail automatically.


AI-Powered Interaction

Meaningful conversations, AI answers, gauges interest, collects info seamlessly.

Let The AI Work for You


Smart AI Assistant

Let AI rate profiles, answer questions, and decide on leads, making your selection process more efficient.


Automated Workflows

Tasks adapt based on lead status, sending requests and follow-ups automatically, reducing manual effort.


Customizable Messages

Customize your messages, ensuring personalized communication at every step.


Safe Local Operation

Use our app on your device to run secure browser automation without sharing LinkedIn credentials (One-Time Sign In Link).


Any Platform, Anywhere

Our solution works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Multi-Account Management

Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts within one campaign, broadening your candidate outreach.

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  • 1 LinkedIn Runner Account
  • 5 Active Campaigns
  • 1500 Candidates
  • Max 10 AI messages per Candidate



AI-Campaign Pro

  • 10 LinkedIn Runner Accounts
  • 50 Active Campaigns
  • 15000 Candidates
  • Max 10 AI messages per Candidate



AI-Campaign Enterprise

  • Unlimited LinkedIn Runner Accounts
  • Unlimited Active Campaigns
  • Unlimited Candidates/Messages


Client Feedback

As a recruiter, I've tried various tools, but this one stands out. The AI's ability to ask job-specific questions and make accurate candidate matches is astonishing. It streamlines the entire process and ensures we're talking to the right people. Our hiring success rate has significantly improved, making this an essential part of our toolkit.

Dany Monson

CEO & Founder

Using this AI-driven solution completely transformed our recruitment process. The automated candidate sourcing and intelligent profiling saved us valuable time, and the personalized engagement with candidates was a game-changer. Our team now makes informed decisions faster, all thanks to this remarkable tool.

Baha Moretz

Recruitment Manager